Crokes is an online social networking service that allows users to post brief, 300-character messages with images, videos or links called updates and follow other user's activities. Crokes is open for all ages. Registered users can read and post updates, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Crokes through the website interface, or mobile device app. Crokes is worldwide and available in all countries.

Crokes was created in January 2014 by Shonik Raj, and by February 2014, the site was launched. After registering to use the site, users may create a personal profile, follow other users activity and updates, exchange messages, post status updates and photos, and receive notifications when others update their profiles and post replies.



Updates are publicly visible by default. Users can post updates via the Crokes website, compatible external applications (such as for smartphones). Resharing, as may seem obvious, is when an update is forwarded via Crokes by users, both post updates and reshares can be tracked to see which ones are most popular. Crokes is a free service.

Users may subscribe to other user's updates – this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers. In addition, users have the capability to report spam users and updates.

Crokes allows users to update their profile via their mobile phone either by text messaging or by apps released for certain smartphones and tablets.


Users can create profiles with photos and images, lists of personal interests, contact information,and personal information. Users can communicate with their followers and other users through private or public messages, and share content that includes website URLs, images, and video content.

Crokes allows users to choose "Usernames" for their profile, whereby pages and profiles can be linked with simpler URLs such as Many new smartphones offer access to Crokes services through either their Web browsers or applications. An official Crokes application is available for the operating system Android.


Messages from those you follow will show up in a readable stream on your Crokes your profile under following tab or on discover > following, called your “Timeline or Wall.” Once you’ve followed a few people, or accounts of your interest, you’ll have a new page of information to read each time you log in. Click links in others Updates to view articles, images or videos they’ve linked to. Click hashtagged keywords (#) to view all Updates about that topic. Users can also send private messages to any user in crokes network.

Verified accounts

A verified Crokes account lets users know the person or company that owns the account is who they say they are. The verified account is intended to prevent impersonation by placing a small blue checkmark by the top-right corner of a user’s page or next to the username when someone is searching for the account, this checkmark shows people that the account is who the person says they are. Crokes chooses who gets a verified blue checkmark by giving accounts of famous people in politics, music, movies, business, fashion, government, sports, media, and journalism that blue checkmark.

Verified Crokes accounts validate that the person or business is real and not a parody or impersonator.


Messaging allows users to directly communicate with each other via Crokes text messaging. Messages are contained within single threads in a unified inbox.

Aside from the Crokes website, Messages can also be accessed through the site's android mobile app.


Crokes has mobile app for Android. There is also version of the website for mobile devices which can accessible on all mobile devices.

Future Scope

Crokes is a non-profit. You will not find any single advertisement on whole Crokes network. They don't have money to promote and market Crokes but the services provided by them are well appreciated by the users. This is what crokes is known for it's simplicity.

Oldest accountsThe oldest Crokes accounts are accounts which became active in early January 2014, belonging at the time and includes @shonik (Shonik Raj), @obama (Barack Obama), @bbcworld (BBC News World) and @microsoft (Microsoft).


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